Chairman Message

Eng. Ibrahim Motawea

Through a properly equipped, highly qualified and well-skilled workforce, Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint) provides a large package of services and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations to achieve all business objectives and plans. Additionally, Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO. provides a highly standardized training program that develops the entry-level workers and improves the technical skill set of our experienced staff to fulfill customers’ demands during normal operations, emergencies, & turnarounds.
years The culture of Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint) is founded in Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Continuous Improvement.We look forward to imparting these successes to our clients, employees and the community. We have also gained the trust of our customers through principled and ethical behavior without compromising quality services or a safe work place. Chairman

Eng. Ibrahim Motawea

Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint)

Incorporated 17 August 1997

Our Quality, Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Policy and procedures are documented in the Quality Management System manual, which has been reviewed and updated to satisfy the requirements of the ISO standards 9001:2008, 14001:2004, &OHSAS 18001:2007.
Through intensive planning efforts and hard work, Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint) has established itself as a leader in the maintenance, revamp, construction and “after-market” service supply to its clients. Within a few years of business, Petromaint has amassed a highly proficient team of professionals that continue to safely execute large and small scale projects throughout Egypt, Africa and the Middle-East, on-time and on budget. We pride ourselves on providing the industry with the highest quality workmanship while leading the market in safety and work force planning.

Through our diversification we are able to provide support and manpower for virtually all disciplines from within our corporate ranks; therefore, we eliminate the requirement of subcontractor dependence. This provides us with a superior control element in our planning which translates into projects that are safely and methodically completed on-time and within budget. This element of control allows Petromaint to avoid reactive management which leads to a safer, more effective project execution.
Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint) also provides state-of-the-art maintenance management utilizing applications such as CMMS/EAMS, to enhance assets life, reducing plant maintenance cost and minimizing equipment down-time.