Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint)

Training Center

Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint)’s Training Center was established in 1998 as a business center providing professional training programs to our customers as well as Petromaint’s staff in response to the needs of our business and customers. Our target is to develop and enhance the competency of our staff and customers’ personnel to add significant value to their organization.   

Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint)’s Training Center provides training courses oriented to all disciplines of maintenance, inspection, painting, cost estimating and control, safety, project management, finance, administration, quality and computer applications.

Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance CO.(Petromaint) training staff pays particular attention to the selection of our professional, certified technical instructors in order to insure that the highest level of education is provided with the latest technology available.

The training programs have been prepared for Petromaint staff and other petroleum sector technical staff, in addition to areas outside Egypt (Sudan, Yemen, UAE, etc.)

Activities of Our Training Courses include but are not limited to: